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Beijing, Sept. 27 2018, according to XINHUANET,  — the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council has released a “Rural Vitalization Strategic Plan 2018–2022”, mapping out a number of major projects, programs and actions. The document outlines key tasks for the 2018-2022 period toward the strategy’s overall goal of building rural areas with thriving businesses, […]

10-12 September 2018, Harbin Global Symposium on Black Soils (ISBS18) The Symposium aims to promote the sustainable use and management of black soils and identify relevant research gaps within countries with black soils.
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8-11 September 2018, Xiamen International Fruit and Vegetable Industry and Urban Agriculture Exhibition, Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center. More information:

On the morning of September 3, BMEL Parliamentary Secretary of State Hans-Joachim Fuchtel and his delegation met with Zhou Jianping, executive deputy director of the Beijing International Horticulture Exhibition Coordination Bureau (BIHECB) and Wang Chuncheng, deputy director of BIHECB to discuss the plans for the German Exhibition Zone and Pavilion. Following the meeting deputy director Wang Chuncheng accompanied Fuchtel and […]

This PigProgress article looks at the impacts the US-China trade war may have on the global markets for pork and soybean. China as well as Mexico recently introduced import tariffs to pork and soy in reaction to the import tariffs introduced by the US. By targeting the US agriculture, the measures aim at president Trump’s supporters in the US countryside. […]

On July 25, 2018 the European Court of Justice decided that gene editing techniques including CRISPR-Cas9 developed after 2001 are subject to the same strict safety regulation with regard to genetically modified organisms. Chinese media have reported about the court verdict and quote undisclosed scientists and entrepreneurs, who call the decision a drawback rather than a breakthrough. The reports compared […]