20th Anniversary of Sino-German Organic Agriculture Project in Yuexi County, Anhui Province


The 20th Anniversary of the Sino-German Organic Agriculture Development Cooperation Project “Development of Biological Agriculture in Poverty Stricken Areas of the P.R. of China”, took place during October 22 to 23, 2017, in Yuexi County, Anhui Province. The event was part of the “Ecological Civilization Construction Forum” lecture tour in Anhui and Hubei Provinces, organized by the newspaper “China Environment News” under the guidance of “China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association”.

At the Yuexi event, the hosts focused on organic agriculture and organized experts’ speeches. The participants also visited an Organic Agriculture Demonstration Base. At the same time, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed by the representatives of Yuexi County and environmental protection companies during a Matchmaking Symposium for Ecological Civilization Construction Projects. An exhibition reviewing 20 years’ achievement in organic agriculture in Yuexi was held during the same days.

Prof. Xiao Xingji, Director of Organic Food Development Center (OFDC) at Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences (NIES), Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), gave a presentation on the former GTZ project (1997-2003), which was the first cooperation project on organic agriculture between the Chinese government and a foreign government. Yuexi County was chosen because the People’s Government of Yuexi County gives high priority to developing organic agriculture; at the same time, the Yao Luoping National Nature Reserve is located in this national-level poverty-stricken county. Therefore, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and job growth were three aims of the former Sino-German Project.

Together with members of OFDC, Dr. Marco Roelcke and Ms. Wei Rong from German-Chinese Agricultural Center DCZ were invited by “China Environment News” to join the 20th Anniversary event. The farmers at the Organic Agriculture Demonstration Base in the former project pilot village of Shifo are now producing certified organic green tea as a cooperative, which is successfully marketed by a company. It was also a very nice occasion for the farmers in Shifo and Dr. Roelcke to meet again after many years, where he had participated as a consultant accompanying the conversion process and monitoring soil fertility between 1998 and 2000.

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