New “Document No.1” 2018 focuses on rural revitalization


For the 14th year in a row, CPC Central Committee and the State Council have released “Document No. 1” on 5th February 2018. The policy document is a major indicator of priorities devoted to agriculture, farmers and rural areas. The document calls for the continuation of supply-side structural reform to further reform and develop the agricultural sector while at the same time keeping hold of the policy of national grain security. Also refinement of the quality supervision and standard system for farm products, control of soil and water pollution is going to be enhanced. New is the greater significance of implementing a strategy for rejuvenating the countryside, admitting to an increasing opposing trend and gap of rural and urban economic development in the last years. China wants to deepen the reform on pricing mechanism for major farm products to ensure that farmers sell their products at reasonable prices, but also better quality. Fiscal spending in rural areas shall increase especially an increase in loans issued for farmers are aspired. A rural land reform will separate farmland into three categories: ownership rights, contract rights, and operating rights, making land transfers easier in the future. New industries and new types of farmers shall become the new drivers of rural development. The document puts strong emphasis on the need for proper planning. Local governments are obligated to specify their implementation plans adapted to their local reality, especially for the period from 2018 to 2022, and to coordinate their policies with relevant spheres. The strategy defines three core milestones: By 2020, poverty will be eradicated and rural productivity and agricultural supply will improve substantially. By 2035, all rural and urban Chinese will have equal access to basic public services. By 2050, rural areas should see all-around vitalization featuring a strong agriculture, a beautiful countryside and well-off farmers.

Read more: EN Translation (Sections until 4.1): Strategy of Rejuvenating the Countryside

Full CN Version (Sections 1-12): 中共中央 国务院关于实施乡村振兴战略的意见

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